What We Wanted To Do

Butterfly Bottle For Change Your Destiny & Power Of Destiny

The idea of ‘Wings of Change’ SK-II launched a limited edition butterfly bottle for Treatment Essence. Implying on the idea of SK-II Treatment Essence that has been transforming women for over 35 years, giving them ‘wings’ to change their destiny.


SK-II Global


Package / Visual Design


December 2015

2015 SK-II Festive Project

Providing ‘Wings’ to You

The Key Visual indicates and emphasizes in the power of destiny, how the destiny cannot be ignored. Focused on the center of the bottle(the elixir of life), and the butterflies are attracted to it and flies towards it.

Just like with the bottle, our wonderous destiny awaits us. Our team designed a kit for the influencers to announce ‘change destiny’. The kit is designed in a way to replicate a snow globe – a delicate wonderous dream/destiny. To give influencers the idea of changing their destiny with SK-II Treatment Essence. The bottle is kept and locked in a glass, to lock their destiny where it belongs, and keep them safe. The ‘wings’ to change their destiny is close by, just by their bedroom which can remind them in daily bases.