What We Wanted To Do


To commercialize and bring back superiority of FTE (Facial Treatment Essence). The kit needs to show hard-hitting superiority of FTE via daily change over 6 months, day-by-day skin tacking of influencers. Need to make audience to believe how FTE can really transform your skin just after ‘one bottle’.






August 2017

The solution

Be The Proof, See The Proof

The idea behind packaging was to communicate how FTE can transform your skin, and

see the difference after just ONE BOTTLE. The objective was to engage the influencer to participate in daily changes by using FTE. The solution was to mark a critical date on front of the packaging, and made that to play a role of the D-DAY. Which can ensure the influencers to be excited to use the FTE everyday to see their improvement of their own skin and look GREAT on their D-DAY.